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Horoszné Gulyás Margit


Land is a dynamic canvas through which human and natural systems interact. Understanding the many factors influencing land use changes has been the focus of scientific study across multiple disciplines, locations, and scales. But direct measurements alone are not sufficient to provide an understanding of the forces driving change. Linking observations at a range of spatial and temporal scales to empirical models provides a comprehensive approach to understanding landcover change. On local, regional and global scales, the most significant human impacts on the hydrologic system are caused by land-use change. Unfortunatelly there is only few models, which give a correlation between runoff changes és land use changed This review display a function, called runoff control function, which is a very useful tool to present the problems which was caused by the human impact, specially the land use. The model usually uses the GIS, the tool of geoinformatics to analysing and visualising the changes.


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